Theragun WaveDuo

$119.00 $169.00

Curved for your back, neck, and spine.Ergonomically designed to provide comfortable treatment for the back, spine and neck, this portable smart vibrating roller is a uniquely versatile rolling solution.

Five powerful vibration frequencies and innovative wave texture work to deliver just the right angles of pressure to areas in need releasing soreness, reducing tension, and improving movement. From shape to material to added vibration, the Wave Duois scientifically calibrated to elevate your rolling experience.


• Ergonomic Shape

• Innovative wave texture

• Smart device with Bluetooth® Connectivity

• USB-C enabled



  • USB-A to USB-C cable

  • Internal Lithium-ion Battery (200 minutes)


Strings are just like tyres: Formula 1 cars require the appropriate tyres to be professionally installed with accurate pressure. Frame Only racquets need to be strung as well.