Yonex Percept 100D 305g (2023)


Yonex is proud to announce the launch of PERCEPT, a new tennis racquet series for intermediate and advanced players. The racquet is developed to seamlessly act as an extension of the arm, effectively transmitting accurate ball information, which results in greater control. This enhanced feel and control is designed with the hope that it will support players in expressing their own unique and creative playing style on court.

The all-new PERCEPT racquet series caters to the demands of the world’s top tennis athletes who seek precise ball and trajectory control. Implemented with world-class innovations, the racquet features Yonex’s signature ISOMETRIC technology, creating a 7% larger sweet spot, which offers greater control without compromising power.

Additionally, the new SERVO FILTER technology effectively reduces unwanted vibrations while providing accurate sensory feedback from the ball. The FLEXCON system in the racquet shaft extends the ball-pocketing duration, making it easier for players to place the ball accurately on court. By adding more graphite layers into the frame, the racquet’s rigidity is significantly enhanced, leading to a notable improvement in overall racquet face stability.

Players can “Perceive, Control, Create” with PERCEPT by enhancing their ability to feel the ball, improving their control, and create their own distinct game on the court.

The Percept 100D is for experienced and advanced players looking for a racquet with extra precision, feel, and flex. 



Yonex Technology



Product Details: 

Head Size:  100 sq in / 645 sq cm
Unstrung Weight: 10.8 oz /305 g
Unstrung Balance: 31.5 cm
Length: 27 in / 68.6 cm
String Pattern: 18 x 19
Factory String: Frame Only


Strings are just like tyres: Formula 1 cars require the appropriate tyres to be professionally installed with accurate pressure. Frame Only racquets need to be strung as well.