Yonex Verycool Sports Mask


YONEX has launched a “Sports Face Mask” that uses a YONEX original cooling technology material, “VERYCOOL.” By using embedded Xylitol, a completely natural technology, VERYCOOL material absorbs heat and perspiration, providing a significant cooling effect. No matter what the ambient temperature, VERYCOOL lowers body heat by 3°C for cooler play.

The “VERYCOOL” material has been widely adopted into all of our sportswear and has greatly contributed to the victories of the Japan National Badminton Team and other Yonex athletes, such as, tennis player Stan Wawrinka (SWI).

This face mask is washable and reusable, therefore, it can be worn even in the harsh temperatures of the upcoming summer season.



• Reusable/Washable

• Antibacterial treatment makes it difficult to smell.

• Adjustment function that fits the shape of the nose part


Product Details:

Prodcut Code: AC481

Outer Fabric: 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane

Inner Layer: 85% rayon(modal), 10% cotton, 5% recycled fiber (lyocell)

String: nylon, polyurethane

Stopper: polyvinyl chloride

Nose wire: polyethylene


Strings are just like tyres: Formula 1 cars require the appropriate tyres to be professionally installed with accurate pressure. Frame Only racquets need to be strung as well.